PANOS PICTURES | 25 godina

Panos Pictures photo agency based in London are celebrating their 25th year. They have produced a multimedia presentation looking back at some of their biggest stories and consider the way the agency and the industry has evolved.

Founded in 1986, Panos Pictures has evolved from the photo archive of the Panos Institute (now Panos London, an international NGO promoting communication and dialogue on development issues), to become one of the leading photo reportage agencies specialising in global social issues. Our 25th year has seen Panos photographers win an unprecedented seven World Press Photo awards, a huge achievement for a small independent photo agency in an era of consolidation among big picture libraries. A percentage of the annual profits from Panos Pictures are given to Panos London (who part own the photo agency) to further its work in advocacy and media capacity building.Adrian Evans, Director of the agency says: ‘Reaching the milestone of 25 years is proof that sticking to your principles and believing in what you do does pay off in the long run. Panos Pictures remains unique in occupying the space between the for-profit and the not-for-profit worlds while our enduring relationship with Panos London and the rest of the network continues to inform our philosophy and the stories we choose to explore.

The distance covered in the journey from 1986 to today is immense – from fairly humble beginnings Panos Pictures is now a globally recognised brand, respected for our integrity and commitment to telling the stories behind the headlines. Looking forward, our goal is to be at the forefront of developments in the wider photo economy, making us market leaders in creative and inclusive approaches to visual communications.’

Povodom 25 godina „Panos Pictures“ iz ove agencije napravili su dokumentarac o njihovom radu, najznačajnijim pričama i fotografijama, koje su obilježile ovu agenciju. Dokumentarac „Conversations in Photography: 25 years of Panos Pictures“, može se vidjeti na:



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